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Cycling Time Trials

Cycling Time Trials (CTT) is the national governing body for Cycling Time Trials in England and Wales.  They promote over 2000 events a year with more than 20,000 cyclists and 2000 registered clubs.  If you have ever driven down a dual carriage way on a Sunday morning you will know that a Time Trial is a serious and long-standing sport (since 1880’s!) attracting dedicated and competitive participants.  It is considered the purest form of bike racing - man against clock.  The UK has seen some very strong Time Trial performances from the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Chris Frome and Alex Dowsett amongst others.

Following the launch of the website www.timetrialcourses.co.uk the CTT approached Xncreations to understand what could be done to take their simple website into a full featured administration portal for organisers and competitors.

Going far beyond a basic website, the solution had to provide a system that could:

  1. Handle a full authentication system for the 20,000+ user base
  2. Manage 5 different user roles – each with their own admin system
  3. Handle payments
  4. Allow content to be updated dynamically from a full featured content management system – including start sheets, result sheets, interactive course maps and videos (and much more!).
  5. Provide mass communication mechanisms to users

Working closely with the Board of Directors, we combined our technical knowledge and our intuition for cycling events with close analytical skills, to fully identify and understand the processes within the sport, which had to be translated to a successful system.

The CTT site has proven to be a big and exciting project that has not only led to the development of a full featured web system, but also required us to regularly attend their various conferences and group training sessions, presenting to the vast number of people who make up the organisation.

The Cycling Time Trials website is something we are extremely proud to be associated with.    We are working closely with this governing body on an ongoing basis to help them deliver new and dynamic features which provide a reliable and user friendly interface for event organisers and participants, as well as raise the profile of, and increase participation in, the sport of Time Trial.

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